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How I went from zero to Youtube hero in a matter of weeks

People are always amazed when they see my youtube statistics. Hundred of thousands of views and tens of thousands of subscribers. Everybody asks how I do it. I’ve managed to keep it a secret from my closest pals (who also happen to be my biggest competitors) for months now, but I think finally the lid has been blown off. It’s so easy, it’s so simple. Infact it’s so easy and simple that it’s easily looked over when people are going over ways to help their youtube stats.

The answer is easy, buy views. It really is that simple. When i was starting out, youtube views, let alone subscribers were few and far between. No matter what i tired, I just couldn’t get on to that next level. I tried so many taught techniques that my head was full of them. But still no views. I knew my content was good, I knew that my content was original and I knew there was a need for it, yet still no views.

Eventually, i somehow hears about this crazy famous youtuber and how he made it to the top with bought views. It intrigued me to look further, and further i did look. After scanning the web and finding out about different options available to me, i decided that i’d use Within two months, this service provided me with 1000000 views and 10000 subscribers. More than double what I had before.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my page. Everyday hundreds of new views and subscribers. This was easily the most intense period of growth that my account has ever undergone, and it’s only gone from strength to strength since then. It’s so great that there are services out there that allow us to take full advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

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