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How I went from zero to Youtube hero in a matter of weeks

People are always amazed when they see my youtube statistics. Hundred of thousands of views and tens of thousands of subscribers. Everybody asks how I do it. I’ve managed to keep it a secret from my closest pals (who also happen to be my biggest competitors) for months now, but I think finally the lid has been blown off. It’s so easy, it’s so simple. Infact it’s so easy and simple that it’s easily looked over when people are going over ways to help their youtube stats.

The answer is easy, buy views. It really is that simple. When i was starting out, youtube views, let alone subscribers were few and far between. No matter what i tired, I just couldn’t get on to that next level. I tried so many taught techniques that my head was full of them. But still no views. I knew my content was good, I knew that my content was original and I knew there was a need for it, yet still no views.

Eventually, i somehow hears about this crazy famous youtuber and how he made it to the top with bought views. It intrigued me to look further, and further i did look. After scanning the web and finding out about different options available to me, i decided that i’d use Within two months, this service provided me with 1000000 views and 10000 subscribers. More than double what I had before.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my page. Everyday hundreds of new views and subscribers. This was easily the most intense period of growth that my account has ever undergone, and it’s only gone from strength to strength since then. It’s so great that there are services out there that allow us to take full advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

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4 web apps that will make your business more profitable

Today’s business faces lots of challenges. There are some apps available now that can help your business in many ways. Here are some web apps that will help your business to be more profitable.


This app is used for strategic planning. You should have a definite sales strategy to increase revenue. You can use this app to record notes and make a detailed list of things you need to achieve. You can navigate the list easily using arrow keys.


It is used for email marketing. Most of the small businesses use this app. Its email automation helps you to create engaging emails on templates and send them to your subscribers. It supports campaign segmentation. You can send different consumers separate emails depending on their actions. You can also get feedback about your email campaign.


For marketing automation, this app is very useful. It will give you a competitive edge over other small businesses. It provides efficiency and gives insights to better customer service.

These apps are very handy. It will do these tasks in less time and give you time to concentrate on more important things. Use these apps to make your business more profitable.


Now, most of the Internet traffic is video content. It is the future of content marketing. Wistia gives different options that improve the loading time of videos.

These apps are very helpful for businesses. It gives you time to concentrate on the other important aspects of the business. The apps will help to make your business more profitable.

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5 reasons why companies hire technology service providers

Technology has become so critical for businesses that without it businesses cannot function properly. Businesses rely on technology heavily for the core functions of their business. Technology is helpful, at the same time, it can be a burden as well. It is very hard to deal with the technological aspect of the business. Some companies hire technology service providers for this work. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea.

24/7 availability

Your server may crash in the middle of the night. The service providers have dedicated team who work 24/7 to take care of your server. So, the business owners won’t have to worry about the IT aspect of the business.


The small and medium sized business finds it hard to hire a full-time IT manager. The IT manager must be highly skilled, so you will need to pay them a competitive salary. Hiring an IT service provider is easier as they have trained and highly qualified professionals to do the job. They can solve problems faster.

Business counseling

Along with providing IT services, the IT service providers will align your technology and business strategy. So, you will be working with someone who understands business. They can suggest you on how to increase revenue using technology or how to reduce cost.

Reduced risk

If you have an in-house IT manager, then you are dependent on him or her for your entire IT services. If he or she leaves the job for any reasons, then your business will be in trouble. You won’t have to worry about employee turnover when you hire IT service providers.

Cost effectiveness

Hiring IT service providers is a much cost effective solution.It is cheaper than having an in-house team of IT professionals. You will save a lot of money by hiring IT service providers.

With so many advantages It is better to hire IT service providers to take care your business’ IT needs. They are experts in this area and will be able to manage things in a better way.

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4 tips for private cloud computing security

Like many others, are you also hesitant about having cloud computing services in your company? Well, after knowing about the security features of cloud computing, you won’t be hesitant anymore. Cloud computing has lots of benefits, if you don’t adopt it you will be losing out. Cloud computing is absolutely secured. Private cloud service is better than public cloud service in terms of security. With some effort from your end, you won’t need to worry about the security issues of cloud computing. Here are some tips for cloud computing security.

1. Know where your data is

Firewalls can prevent intruders from getting access to your data, and data encryption can keep your data safe. However, if the cloud provider goes out of business or you stop taking their service, then how do you know where your data is? You should have a dedicated hardware for your data.

2. Backup your data

This aspect of cloud computing is often overlooked. It is a very easy way to control your data. You should have a backup of all your data. This will give you peace of mind.

3. Security of data center

You should make sure that the data center takes security measures seriously. You should check if they are SSAE 16, SOC 2 or SAS 70 audited. You must also check if they have clients that are PCI or HIPAA certified. Good data centers offer services like managed firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus, etc.

4. Get references

You should get references from clients. If the cloud provider provides services to financial, healthcare or government organizations, then you can trust these people. You should contact these references and find out about the cloud provider’s services.

You should do some homework and learn about security issues of cloud computing. Private cloud hosting is much secured than public clouds.

An infographic looking at How Safe is Cloud Computing?

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